Welcome to my blog.

Hello, I'm Sarah.

And yes, I'm a teenager trying out the whole blogging thing. Not because I've got it all figured out but more like the opposite:

I'm currently trying to figure it all out. Therefore, Sarah the Mess. And mess is in my last name. So it just sorta fits.

I was born and raised a small-town girl; but I'm a city obsessed and big time dreamer. South Carolina is like the back of my hand- but from a few days glimpse of Chicago I'm totally in love. I'm totally wrapped up in the arts- from when I first fell in love with paint and a camera- to this past year when I fell in love with blogging and that form of expressing myself.

Most importantly, I define myself by believing in Jesus Christ- and ultimately I try to let that shine through in everything I do. I'm captivated by God's grace and all of his miracles and the beauty of little things. 

God isn't waiting for us to clean ourselves up- instead he loves us as the mess that we are. That's what this blog is about. Being a mess means embracing that you aren't perfect & being able to admit that.

This blog will hopefully be my progress through everything I'm exploring and my thoughts along the way. I hope you enjoy.

some of my favorites from the blog