Welcome to my blog. I love to document my faith, adventures, etc! 

the start

I guess I should start with introducing myself. My name is Sarah and this blog will be dedicated to my art, photography and basically random thoughts. I'm currently a student and aspiring artist. I'm passionate about visual arts. At this stage in my life, I'm exploring many different interests and experimenting with a bunch of different things. For school, I was working on an independent study project with a small group of students and our teacher had us make blogs. Long story short- I fell in love! Blogging was so fun, and provided me a creative and productive outlet for spare time. After starting a free blog, I realized how much I would like to learn to code and do web design, and so this blog was born.

So for starters, I'm mainly doing this blog to watch my progress. Hopefully it will be a good way to watch my growth as a artist, photographer, and my experiences as a teenager and student. I'm not aiming for anything cohesive- at the beginning I want it to be the exact opposite. Hopefully I can watch this blog improve- and I hope you'll stick around and see too! :)