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not having it all figured it out

This post is kind of an apology- but mainly sort of a confession. Definitely a journey. With this blog, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Any time I try to change something, I mess something else up.  The first month that I worked on my blog and didn't publish it yet was mainly because I accidentally changed the fonts to the most awful fonts I had ever seen (and needless to say I couldn't change them back). It's funny how confusing building this site can be- I had no clue how much coding & other stuff went into a simple blog.

I literally have to look up tutorials to be able to follow a single step of a different tutorial on anything to do with the mechanics of this blog. Y'all- I'm kind of bad at this stuff. 

So yes, I updated this blog and currently the header font is too big. It is a Sunday night and almost 9 p.m. I have laundry I should have changed out an hour ago and other things I should probably be doing, but I've been sitting here getting frustrated and uploading 4 different headers trying to fix the font size. And I can't even get an image from my phone to upload on to this post. And honestly, it's fine.

The reason I'm telling you this is definitely not because I want to point out the fact that I just screwed up the font size (which you might not notice otherwise) but rather that there are a lot of things you don't see behind this blog. I hope it looks professional and put together but at the same time I want it to be authentic.

Something I want to work on is being authentic and honest on here. As much as I love to only post the nice clean edited images, I think what gives it life is honesty. In 2016 something I want to work on is writing blog posts that are honest about where I am at in life right now:)

This blog is me. Half the time I probably put punctuation in the wrong places and spell stuff wrong. I  will not be perfect at coding for awhile, seeing as learning to code looks scares me awfully bad right now. I have a habit of skipping through tutorials and ending up being hopelessly lost. So yes- this blog is me. And I'm figuring it out, even if I'm not there yet. And that's ok :) 

After all, it's a journey, right?


davis + downtown

davis + downtown

reasons to journal your faith

reasons to journal your faith