Welcome to my blog. I love to document my faith, adventures, etc! 


collage 1- random: I can't seem to take these Roshe Runs off my feet. Usually, I don't wear sneakers everywhere but these are making me forget that I own other shoes... beware of the Nike sneaker addiction.

2- faith:  These armed with truth temporary tattoos are my favorite. I started using this pack in the late fall, but it got to the point when all I wore was long sleeves so I barely saw them. Well- spring is here & short sleeves are back! They are designed so that you will be able to memorize scripture and have a constant reminder of the verse as long as the tattoo stays on. I'm in love with the concept and the pun in the name :) plus- from far away they look like a real tattoo (which basically means everyone will ask you about it... and then it is a great opportunity to share with someone a great bible verse)!

(and yes... I'm pale. I know.)

3-book: Steal Like an Artist is quite possibly the cutest and most encouraging book. It's super cheap on amazon and I love referencing it. From "don't wait until you know who you are to get started" to "be nice (the world is a small town)" it is filled with cute drawings and tips on being the best artist you can be. It's been super encouraging to me lately.

4-photography: I am in love with VSCO's starter film pack for Lightroom... the presets are perfect. I used them on all of the floral photos in this layout. Pretty sure I'm going to buy a full pack now- I'm hooked. But I definitely still recommend the app for photo editing also.

5-art: For hand-lettering, this brush pen is perfect. I love it because I feel like I am holding a brush as opposed to a marker. Since I bought this, I've pretty much ditched all other markers I was using for brush lettering.

6-blog: I can't get over Hello Neverland. It's one of my favorite blogs. I love the design, writing, and images (so pretty much all of it). One of my favorite posts is "Dear You". I would check it out- it's super motivational.

Hope you enjoyed some of my current favorites :)

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