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grace photoshoot

grace photoshoot


Today was such a good day. And it literally felt like summer?!? Grace and I got so lucky with these photos downtown- hope you enjoy. I LOVE all of them. I'm grateful it didn't rain and we got sun when all weekend we were sure we were going to have to cancel! Grace has been featured on my blog before here, in case you missed it (plus if you forgot that she is also a dance ninja). We always have such a great time taking pictures together- she's an amazing photographer. She always inspires me and is so sweet. It was so nice to catch up over walking around downtown :)

grace downtown-7

grace downtown-13

grace downtown-48

grace downtown-50And guys- I RODE A HOVERBOARD TODAY. I'm sorry that is so totally random but we kept seeing them all over downtown. A bunch of people had them different places and one of them let me try it- it was hard but fun! So random but I literally was so excited about it.

grace downtown-36

grace downtown-39

grace downtown-31

grace downtown-2So many of the photos got this rainbow light effect in them. Sometimes it turned out okay and other times not- but I'm a least embracing this rainbow one :)

grace downtown-14

grace downtown-23

grace downtown-42

grace downtown-51

grace downtown-44

grace downtown-46

grace downtown-40

grace downtown-30

grace downtown-21

grace downtown-29

grace downtown-19

grace downtown

grace downtown-16Shoutout to the random couple that we teamed up with to take cute pictures of them and then they took this one of us :)

This post is a little rushed since I edit on my computer and won't be able to the next few days. Hope you still enjoyed all these photos!



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