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thoughts on being enough

You are enough.   

The other night through talking in small group, I realized every single one of us in the room was struggling with our self-worth. As our discussion went on, I quickly realized all of us linger on the word "enough". I think most girls struggle with this, so I hope that these words will touch someone's heart who needs it.

The world had somehow convinced the group of girls in that room, including myself, that none of us were enough. Today, it's hard not to hear the voices of our culture telling us that we aren't enough. Pretty enough, smart enough, friendly enough, athletic enough, good enough, but ultimately loved enough.

This world tells us that to deserve affection we must do certain things & be a certain way to be "good enough". Suddenly we start wondering if we ever can fill all the expectations and requirements. 

Often we seek other's voices to tell us we are enough- whether it is through our relationships, popularity, reputation or achievements- but no one can fill the craving our hearts have except God. In a world of such crazy demands, it seems to be almost impossible for all of us to somehow find satisfaction in the way we are created and to realize that our identity in Jesus Christ answers every enough. 

The world's approval will never be enough for our hearts, but Jesus has a steady and constant love which can fill our hearts. Instead of seeking others approval, in His love we can rest and know our true worth. 

With Jesus, there is no measuring up to any standard- beauty, followers, popularity, achievements, success- or doubting if we can ever be good enough or if we have a purpose. 

There's a reason we're all here, and sometimes it's easy to forget God made each of us with a purpose. We were all individually made a certain way for a reason & He reassures us we are enough. In fact, Jesus says we are MORE than enough. We are loved by him.

Through him, we are always enough. Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of us because he loved us that much, and because he died for us, we get to go clean & inherit his record. So we are redeemed, clean, new and made perfect because of Him.

This never stops blowing my mind, the fact that God sees us just as perfect as Jesus is. 

We don't have to try to measure up anymore to the standards of our culture or to the standards of someone.

Jesus gave you his record of perfection & answers every enough FOR you. 

Hope you enjoyed this post (sorry for the long wait) & since you got to the end here is a little list of songs in case you are ever feeling like you aren't good enough!! :)


  • Priceless- for King & Country
  • Beloved- Jordan Feliz
  • You are Loved- Stars Go Dim
  • Scars to Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
  • You are More- 10th Avenue North

spring favorites + ootd

romans 5:8

romans 5:8