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summer bucket list

summer bucket list - sarah landmesser
Only 5 days until I'm officially on summer vacation??? What? Came so fast! Here's my 2015 summer bucket list- short & sweet. More like a list of goals I'm publishing on the internet so I have to hold myself accountable to doing them.

Honestly whenever I see "teenage summer bucket list" on the internet I feel very overwhelmed. A gigantic list of things I know I will never end up doing a fraction of seems pointless to me. So I'm going to try to be realistic with this.

  1. CREATE- create art. & a lot of it. enough said. learn digital design, paint, & just make something(s) i'm super proud of.
  2. KEEP UP WITH MY BLOG- i'm hoping that i will actually follow through with this. and learn how to code, even just a little.
  3. PADDLEBOARD- i loveeeeee paddleboarding. i wanna do it again this summer.
  4. TAKE TOO MANY PHOTOS- this is the first summer i have my camera so i want to really take a lot. A LOT. of photos.
  5. KEEP UP WITH PEOPLE- easier said than done.
  6. RUN (& GET GOOD AT IT)- we will see how this one goes.
  7. SPEND TIME WITH KATIE- my sister is home from college and i want to spend a lot of time together. check out her super awesome blog here ...p.s. see her awesome blog header?? hehe guess who made it ;)
  8. MAKE SCRIPTURE READING A HABIT - i've never made reading scripture a habit for a long time. i have had times when i did, but not at a consistent time, so i'm hoping with summer vacation i can try to pick a time and always read my bible. reading your bible has the most valuable results, but i have never had a special time that i have picked to do it.
  9. GO TO THE BEACH / ROAD TRIP - last summer i had a one day beach road trip that was pretty much one of the best days ever. so i would like to keep up a tradition of at least a one-day road trip during summer. at least some sort of adventure.
  10. HAVE SPONTANEOUS FUN THAT ISN'T ON THE BUCKET LIST- the best part of summer is the memories that just happen & aren't planned.

here's to summer 2015 being the best one yet for the both of us :)


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