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getting lost with katie

pictures by sarah landmesser-4 We got lost. And it was Google Map's fault. Yes- Google Maps led us in a circle. We gave up on it. (This is after we gave up on our first choice place to take pictures as we realized it would take us almost an hour to get there).

But it was completely worth it because 1. spending time with her makes me happy 2.we got some great photos 3.we had fun.

I really love these pictures because pretty much any time you take photos of Katie her personality shows through. Whether she is in the photo or not. Part of the reason is because she says stuff like "pickles" to get you to laugh when she is holding the camera and expects you to laugh. Well, you do, but only because it's stupid.

Basically I'm lucky to have a fun sister that lets me take photos of her- especially when it involves driving to unknown places and getting lost along the way.

pictures by sarah landmesser-30pictures by sarah landmesser-20pictures by sarah landmesser-34pictures by sarah landmesser-16pictures by sarah landmesserpictures by sarah landmesser-32pictures by sarah landmesser-36pictures by sarah landmesser-53pictures by sarah landmesser-54


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