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photo session with grace

Currently- this blog is mainly (I mean pretty much all of it) photography sessions. Here's another one. Oops. The main reason is because portraits are what I am trying to work on and improve right now. This is the first summer I have had a camera, so it's a really good time to practice and get good at taking photos of people.

But I promise I have some art coming up soon. :)

I'm really proud of these photos. Grace just makes it too easy.

pictures by sarah landmesser-10

Can we talk about how she is practically a model and also a dance ninja?!? Plus she is also a very talented photographer. I LOVE these photos of her!

pictures by sarah landmesser-53

pictures by sarah landmesser-50

pictures by sarah landmesser-59

pictures by sarah landmesser-46

pictures by sarah landmesser

pictures by sarah landmesser-16

pictures by sarah landmesser-40

pictures by sarah landmesser-42

pictures by sarah landmesser-44

pictures by sarah landmesser-39

pictures by sarah landmesser-48

pictures by sarah landmesser-51

pictures by sarah landmesser-41

pictures by sarah landmesser-4

pictures by sarah landmesser-36

pictures by sarah landmesser-22

Grace took a lot of me too (and Katie- shoutout to my sister who drives me random strange places and is always up for photoshoots. Thanks, you rock.)

Grace is a super talented photographer so check her photo blog out here. We enjoy talking about editing, lens, etc... It's what best friends do. I'm lucky to have friends with similar interests that make collaborating easy.

pictures by sarah landmesser-31

I'm really happy with how these photos came out, of both me and the ones I took. After a super fun session... I mean you can't not have a super enjoyable afternoon if you are with Grace and Katie... it makes me look forward to hopefully more coming this summer.  

june in photos

getting lost with katie