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learning bible journaling

learning bible journaling

Last summer I invested in a journaling bible, after seeing tons of bible journaling pictures all over Instagram and Pinterest. I LOVE to write in my other bible, so I expected to instantly love bible journaling. I didn't get into it at all and the bible I ordered was too heavy to make an everyday bible.

Just recently I rediscovered bible journaling and decided to try to get back into it. With summer quickly approaching, I figured starting mornings that way or using bible journaling would be a great way to use free time and my art as a way to spend more time in my faith. 

Here are my tips so far from the beginning of my journey with bible journaling & what I've learned from my first few tries.

  Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my    disclosure by clicking here   . Any of the titles will take you directly to buy them on Amazon!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure by clicking here. Any of the titles will take you directly to buy them on Amazon!


I started a pinterest board to keep track of journaling ideas. I'm still getting used to doing things in the margins, so I like seeing how others lay things out (and if they spread across the entire page). I also like seeing designs people do as well as materials they use. Here is my inspiration board on Pinterest.


I first tried to doodle, which didn't really turn out well. I would like to think of myself as a pretty decent doodler, but with the paper being so thin and having to fit anything to margins made everything at first come out pretty awkward. So definitely sketch first.

Pens & Pencils

Colored pencils make me afraid I'm going to rip the page but I tend to have the habit of using a lot of pressure with pens and pencils. Sketching is important with pencil but you have to be careful erasing, due to creasing and smears. Same thing with colored pencils. I think if you don't like to paint, colored pencils is probably the best idea, but my favorite designs that I've seen on Pinterest don't usually use colored pencils. 


I almost wish I had bought my bible in person instead of ordering it online. The journaling bible has pretty thin pages, so I thought watercolor would be the best paint to use. Watercolor paint can bleed, so I have been putting paper towels under the other pages when I do it. The watercolor has to be very thin, and you can't overly soak the pages. Acrylic on the other hand is heavier, so you can't see words through like watercolor. 

I love how bright the acrylic is in comparison to the watercolor pages I've done. The one above is just a basic coat of acrylic with lettering and random triangles on top. The one below is a watercolor, and you can see the difference in the color. Watercolor is pretty, but the water makes the pages crinkle (which you can see below). At first I liked the watercolor but after trying acrylic paint I would definitely recommend acrylic.

The acrylic surprisingly doesn't bleed and is great on the pages- they get a little sticky so overnight I put a piece of paper between so they don't stick together.


Here's links to all of my favorites supplies and all of the supplies I used in this post :)

If you want to see all of my favorite brush lettering supplies, click here.

So far these are just a few things I've learned at the beginning of my bible journaling. I'm hoping to keep doing this every few weeks and uploading more pictures so I can share my progress :)

manual mode basics

manual mode basics

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coffee date + west village gville