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a day in photos

sarah landmesser Happy 4th of July! Here's some photos from yesterday (completely unrelated to the 4th of July but oh well).

These photos are super special to me since they are at a meaningful place - most of them are at my grandmother's (plus at the lake/chuck's house...which also means a lot to me). Any time I spend with her makes me so happy, especially any at her home, so I really enjoyed taking some photos there.

sarah landmesser-2

sarah landmesser-4

sarah landmesser-6

sarah landmesser-3

sarah landmesser-7^ this bear is real. i really enjoyed hearing the story behind it. Chuck killed it at 16 and then the men who he was with had to drag the 500 pound bear back to the car. he said he would have rather dragged the bear than carried all of their hunting coats and their guns.

sarah landmesser-8

sarah landmesser-9

sarah landmesser-10

sarah landmesser-42^ still in disbelief at this topiary

sarah landmesser-14

sarah landmesser-15

sarah landmesser-12

sarah landmesser-17

sarah landmesser-18

sarah landmesser-37

sarah landmesser-33

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mountains | day 1

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