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7 things i learned from trying 100 happy days

7 things i learned from trying 100 happy days

Well- I guess this is me admitting I failed #100happydays. If you don't know, 100 Happy Days is a challenge to share a picture every day of something that makes you happy to:

– Start noticing what makes them happy every day; – Be in a better mood every day; – Start receiving more compliments from other people; – Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have; – Become more optimistic; – Fall in love during the challenge.

I tried via Instagram and got to day 53 and couldn't do it anymore but here is what I learned from trying.

1. 100HD made me more grateful and notice all the little things. I have to say- overall I really did start to notice how happy a lot of the little things in my life made me. It really does make you realize how lucky you are.

2. Most of the things that make me happy aren't tangible/can't be taken a picture of. Throughout the challenge I realized a lot the things that make me happy I just couldn't get a picture of- like the super friendly cashier's energy or the feeling after I get through a long run. Although most of my 100HD posts were actually things that made me happy, since it was only things I could get "pictures" of I started to feel a little fake and overly concentrated on material goods.

3. When I start something, I like to finish it. Even if my only reason for finishing is to finish. Probably at around post 40 I was ready to quit. As soon as I realized I was only doing it to finish, and NOT because it made me happy anymore, I decided it was probably time to quit.

4. Posting to Instagram every day stresses me out.Overall it's a great challenge and it just depends on you. Personally- posting something everyday just ended up stressing me out and adding unnecessary hassle to my life. Although it makes you concentrate on what makes you happy, if when you are doing something ALWAYS taking a picture is going to stress you out, I wouldn't try it.

5. Some of the things that make me happy should just be for me. I started to get confused into the challenge on truly what I was doing- because 100HD is supposed to be for me. That's what it even says on the website. But obviously since I was sharing it it was not really just for me. Kind of. Kind of not.

6. Happiness pleases. Joy wins. During the challenge I realized what happiness means as opposed to joy. Joy is eternal- and that is what I should be focusing on and having that come from my faith.

7. This challenge isn't for everybody.  I LOVE the idea of this challenge, but it just wasn't for me. However now that I'm finished I think I would  enjoy journaling better- this gratitude journal challenge seems like it would work better for me. Just something where I'm not posting. But if you think the challenge might be your thing- GO FOR IT! :)

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downtown photoshoot x best friends

downtown photoshoot x best friends