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some early thankfulness

some early thankfulness

Here's a few things I'm thankful for in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

It's not Thanksgiving even yet, but honestly around this time of the year I start seeing so much about Christmas it's easy to just skip over Thanksgiving and forget about it!

Honestly, I have so much more than everything I even want and there are so many reasons to be thankful every single day. God has blessed me with so many things that I take for granted.

Plus, a while back I read this "World Portrait" and it blew my mind and has stayed with me since. If you have time, it's a short list of if the World was 100 people, and it blows my mind every single time I read it!! I'm one of the lucky people who has shelter, food, clean water, the ability to read and write, a computer, and to be on the track for getting a college degree.

And even beyond how blessed that list makes me feel, it makes me realize just how many people on this planet don't have all the things I take for granted. 17 out of 100 people not being able to read and write doesn't seem like a lot, but as soon as you realize that is 17 out of every 100 people in the whole world, I suddenly feel a lot more thankful for that ability.

So- here's 5 things I take for granted.  1. Clean Water

People have to literally walk miles every single day to get the water that we can fill up with a water fountain or sink 10 feet from our bed or classroom, and pour it out if it's been in our water bottles too long. Crazy, right? I have never ever had to consider the fact that my water isn't safe to drink, especially when I'm thirsty. I can't even imagine what that's like, and for that I'm so thankful.

2. Staying warm/cool

I have a jacket (actually like WAY too many jackets), 25 blankets, and an air conditioner and a freezer. Although here in SC it does usually get to some of the extremes of hot and cold, I literally am always fine when it comes to the weather, when it's being bundled up in one of my 5 jackets or having an air conditioner when it's 100 degrees. Although I may not always be comfortable, I have a warm or cool home that I can always look forward too, appropriate clothes, and so much more.

3. Warm food

My mom makes me dinner every night and it's warm. And delicious. And I'm full. I can't even imagine not being full every night or having to go to school or do anything and just be hungry. Don't get me wrong- I get hungry, but I know I will always have food soon and I don't have to worry about where my next meal will come from.

4. School

So many kids, especially girls, don't even get the opportunity for education and here I am complaining about my homework. Makes me feel sort of lame when I realize I'm complaining about how blessed I am to be a girl getting an education and that be normal in America!!

5. Prayer

Prayer is literally direct communication with God and you don;t even have to say anything. He knows how you are feeling and what you are thinking!! Can we just appreciate what an amazing blessing and miracle that is?!?! That's literally awesome.

And even bigger than any of those, recently I had a message at church about being thankful for what God has done for us & realizing how amazing the gospel is!! :) Isn't it crazy amazing that Jesus, son of the creator of the whole universe, died on the cross for my sin, when he was the righteous one. And beyond that, that he conquered death and that he loves and wants a relationship with me. (I could write 20 blog posts about that alone, so I'm just going to stop myself there... but what God has done for us constantly blows my mind). Sometimes I take what He has done for us for granted all too often! Trying to work on being constantly thankful and reminding myself of the Gospel in different ways every day :)

Hopefully this made you realize at least something that you have that has become normal for us to have, that we are really so blessed with :) Plus thank you so much for reading this blog and supporting me & my writing :) that means so much to me!! :)

cross country 💘

cross country 💘

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