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chicago travel guide

chicago travel guide

The past two weeks I spent in Chicago & here are some of my favorite places to visit and eat! Chicago is my favorite city and there are so many awesome places to explore.

Contemporary Art Museum

If you're in Chicago before October, you have to go see the Murakami show. There you can find the actual Kanye Graduation cover, as well as giant acrylic painted designs. All of his pieces are so stunning and this museum has the coolest gift shop ever! It's always free too. 


Skydeck Chicago

I've done this twice now and I never get over the view from the Willis Tower. It's totally worth the money to go up to the 103rd floor. The ledge is awesome as well! I love the view of all of buildings with the river. Sometimes the wait can be long so I suggest getting there right when it opens to avoid lines! 

Art Institute Chicago

If you're in Chicago, you have to go to the Art Institute. There are SO many famous artists work. You can see Picasso, Monet, Warhol & so much more. This museum isn't free but the art is definitely worth it!


This is one of my favorite places I've ever been. The conservatory is filled with different themed plant rooms- a desert room, fern room, palm room. It's a cute hidden oasis from the city and also completely free! 

Millenium Park/ Bean

Chicago's landmark- the Bean! You must see (and walk under it) if you're in Chicago. I also love taking pictures right by the entrance to Millenium Park- since it's the perfect spot to see down in between Chicago streets behind you!


Probably my favorite part of Chicago is the river. I love walking along the River at night and there's so many cool things to do from boat tours to kayaking! I definitely suggest having dinner by the river and walking around it. It's so scenic and a great place for pictures! 

Goddess and the Baker

There's a few of these spread around Chicago and they are the absolute cutest. Not only do they serve all your cute insta food needs- rainbow layered cake, artisan lattes- they have awesome affordable food as well! 


Corner Bakery Cafe

I loved eating at this place. This cafe was all over Chicago as well- affordable and great food for all 3 meals. I especially like all of their breakfast options!

Hope you enjoyed these vacation pictures as well as ideas for your Chicago trip :)



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