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5 reasons to start a blog as a teenager

5 reasons to start a blog as a teenager

Recently, I’ve had a decent amount of questions from people about my blog. I love blogging and totally encourage anyone to try it! Here’s 5 reasons why you should start one (even as a teenager!)

5 reasons to start a blog as a teenager


My blog is something productive for me to work on. I can spend countless hours on my phone or the computer & do nothing productive. I think most of us can, and having a blog is a great way to stop wasting time and channel it into getting something done.


Your blog won't fade away like a social media fad that may or may not stay around- you'll have what you wanted to share to hold on to. I have so many friends that are amazing writers & will write amazing little passages as captions on Instagram captions. As much as I love Instagram, I'm not really sure how long Instagram is going to be along (even if I'd like to pretend forever). The same goes for every other social network- if you are super into photography on VSCO, when VSCO goes out you’ll lose what you built up on there. With my blog, I’m confident that I will always have the content I put out there- it’s not a social media that possibly die. 


Blogs give you all the power to share your writing/images the way you want to!! Blogs are so fun and you can make it yours. As unique as other social media can get, you really aren't in control or able to customize it. Having a blog keeps what you work hard on in one place too. If you are seriously passionate about sharing something, all of the control is in your hands (& blogs look much more professional).


You’ll be surprised- so many people will support your blog! When a lot of people ask me about my blog when considering starting one, everyone seems hesitant. Yes, having a blog is different, but you’ll be so surprised by how people support you. There’s no reason to be worried what other people are going to think. I've honestly never had one negative comment about my blog. After all, my blog is for me. As much as I want people to enjoy it and for my writing to inspire someone else- my blog makes me happy and that's what's most important.

It’s easy to be concerned “What will people think?” or “Will anyone read it?”. Blogging is a great exercise for me to stop thinking about what other people think. If I was constantly questioning if every single person is going to think every single blog post of mine is cool/great/amazing, I probably would never publish anything. One of my favorite quotes is by Lecrae and he says, "If you live for people's acceptance, you'll die from their rejection." I could write a whole post about this alone, but please- if you are passionate about something- go for it and stop caring what other people think. Best decision I ever made.

If you’re concerned people won’t read it, I’ve decided I would ALWAYS rather have 30 people read my blog and truly think about what they just read, then have 400 people read it and have my writing, or whatever I’m passionate about not affect a single one of them.


Blogging is not as difficult as it seems. I personally use Squarespace, but I started out with Wordpress (free version, then the paid, then switched to Squarespace). It’s been a journey & I could do another post on that as well, but all of it has just been me figuring out my preferences for my blog.

If you truly have a passion for something- poetry, writing, fashion, faith, photography- someone's you know is probably interested in seeing it!

Blogging has pushed me to share what I’m passionate about and go beyond just caring about my social media- blogging is an outlet for me that I care about it.

I can’t wait for what is to come with my blog. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon- mainly because I can’t wait to read and look back on my pictures, what I was into & travels a few years down the road. I hope this encouraged someone who was possibly hesitant about starting one to stop hesitating and go for it.

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